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We spent our formative years with the Department of Public Works of the Queensland Government; we both attained senior managerial roles and understand all elements of the process.  This environment gave us grounding in meeting timelines and budgets that did not involve a quest for profits yet fostered in us a determination to meet and exceed expectations. In addition we had the chance to mentor junior staff and experience the real exhilaration of seeing a job through from start to finish.  In this regime there was simply no need to make a promise you couldn’t deliver on. The good design outcomes we were able to achieve in our time in this environment had a deep impact our philosophy and values as a firm.

Nimble, Flexible, Resourceful and Creative

At the core of our business model is having the same talented and experienced professional running your project from start to finish. We believe that continuity of relationships between appropriately able team members is one of the key means to success. The same highly skilled and experienced person you see at the beginning of your project will also be the one attending your meetings, producing your design, some or all of your contract drawings and overseeing it during construction. This person also owns the company and has a vested interest in the success of your project. Compared to the big firms, we have the same experience, but our size allows us to offer a higher level of service to you at lower cost. We value our staff AND we value our clients, so you won’t see someone out of their depth on your projects.

Experience backed with state of the art technologies and intimate understanding of material selection

Our experience on big projects has also taught us that relationships, collaboration and the skills of the key team members are the keys to success - not necessarily the size of the team or company. We work smarter to achieve an outcome. Using cutting-edge BIM software we are able to resolve the design in 3 dimensions, work faster and more efficiently and minimize errors, allowing us to manage projects  $15M+ wholly in-house.

Assured Quality - Integrated Management System to meet ISO 9001:2008

To ensure that the quality of our work and service is continually monitored and improved, we have invested in a tailor made Management system manual design to meet the requirements of ISO9001:2008. 

our practice

Experience backed with state of the art technologies and intimate understanding of material selection.


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