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Staff Quarters - Roma Hospital

Project: Staff Quarters - Roma Hospital
Client: Queensland Health
Location: Roma, Qld
Value: $8m
Architect: Stephen Sims (Project Services)
Role: Design Architect and Principal Consultant

These staff quarters were designed by Stephen Sims while working as Regional Architect at Project Services. The building consists of 40 bedrooms creating a domestic environment for transient staff to live seperate from but accessible to the hospital workplace. The bedrooms are designed to accommodate a range of occupants including singles, partners or families for the short term or long term stay. The accommodation provides personal space as well as facilitating social interatcion betwen occupants, providing an additional incentive to attract staff to the remote area. Producing a building type and form that provided the density of typical old-style staffquarters, but with the privacy and sensitivity of more recent smaller models was the major challenge and goal of this project. The Buildings comprise of two bed, four bed and six bed units and a Common Room which includes the communal Laundry. All Bedrooms are generic, containing a queen size bed and wardrobes as well as en-suite and
a private sitting study. This offers maximum flexibility to the various combinations of staff type and association. Each residential building has Kitchen and Living/Dining Facilities proportional to the bed numbers in the unit. 

The project exceeds all the prescribed requirements by creating
a communal village atmosphere whilst maintaining its
functionalstaff accommodation requirements, expressing this
in a building form that is sympathetic to the semi-rural context
and building typologies

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