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The Environment

We have a proven track-record in our commitment to the environment that is equal to or better than any other small architectural firm or partnership in Australia.

We believe that all good design is grounded in sound environmental principles. This belief is driven by the high value and appreciation we have for the climate and sub-tropical environment in which we live and the fact that good, high level environmental outcomes can be achieved at little or no additional cost to the project. These fundamental beliefs provide the platform from which we are able to help sustain both the natural and built environments. 

World’s best Practice Green Building Designs

With a profound understanding of fundamental design parameters and characteristics of green building, both Tony and Stephen are able to provide solutions that push the envelope of what is possible for sustainable design. Furthermore, their experience with the tools and processes enable to them to provide solutions that don’t just look good on paper, but deliver results.

We have been involved in the design of 6 star Greenstar buildings – buildings that represent ‘World’s best Practice’ in green building design. Stephen has also been a team member on buildings that have achieved the AIA national sustainability prize, and led the team that won the AIA Queensland Sustainability Award, the Australian Institute of Project Managers Sustainability Award for Queensland and the Hawken Award for Engineering.

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